• About Me

    Software Engineer/Gameplay Programmer

    I'm a Senior studying Computer Science (Games) at the University of Southern California with a minor in Interactive Media and Game Design.

    I like making games.


    All engineers start with tearing things apart and putting them up together. For me, it's that for games. I have a serious passion for video games for as long as I could remember, not just playing them, but wondering and figuring out how they work and what could be done to make them better. Thanks to my coursework I was able to get exposure from some of the most brilliant people in the industry. I've got experiences ranging from building up my own engine and designing sophisticated yet extendable systems to managing memories optimally and making a fun shader runs better; at the end, I was even lucky enough to lead my own engineering team in my project. I enjoyed doing all of the above, not just the doing part, but the learning part. Hobby wise, besides video games(obviously), I'm an avid reader and enthusiast for history, especially before the early modern period. I can talk about William the Conqueror for an entire afternoon.

  • Education

    University of Southern Californica

    2015 - 2019

    B.A. in Computer Science Games

    GPA: 3.85

    Expected Graduation: May 2019

  • Experiences

    Projects | Internships | Works

    Riot Games

    Starting in Summer 2019

    Technical Transcriber | Engineer

    Ascend(Previous Project Icarus)

    Falls 2018 - Present

    Lead Engineer

    Ascend is a first-person VR arena hero shooter where you rise to greatness by engaging in intense aerial warfare while leveraging our unique lean motion system. While on the team, my major responsibilities are architecting and implementing multiple essential systems such as warriors, combat, movements, and networking as well as leading and supporting an engineering team of 7 talented engineers.


    Official Website: https://ascendtovictory.com/team

    Please contact me through my email if you want a demo!


    Summer 2018

    Software Engineer Intern

    Working on Hit it Rich, one of the leading mobile slots game on both AppStore and Google play store, I co-developed one of its major content updates "Rich Collection" during summer. Besides that, I was also tasked with some major refactors of the codebase including server-client communications and automated testing systems with favorable results in performance and modularity.


    Rich Collection Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkC2qHI41B4

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zynga.hititrich

    AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hit-it-rich-casino-slots-game/id694876905?mt=8

    One Hand Clapping

    Spring 2018

    Gameplay Engineer

    One Hand Clapping is an incredibly unique 2D puzzle platformer that invites you to sing into a microphone to solve musical puzzles. As a gameplay engineer, I was mainly in charge of the implementation and maintenance of multiple puzzles in the game along with stability focused tasks and interfacing between puzzles and audio input translation.


    Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7i5UtkyBLE

    Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/893720/One_Hand_Clapping/

    Download Demo: https://baddreams.itch.io/onehandclapping


    Summer 2017

    Network Engineer Intern

    As a Network Solution Engineer Intern at Nokia, I built and maintained analytic tool Nokiashark for data packets integrity check in python while performed and troubleshot regular lab environment and SC Modem updates along with system maintenance updates on Nokia homebrewed Wireshark dissectors.



  • Skill and Language Proficiency


    -Built custom game engine from scratch with fully functional Collision, Lighting, Skeletal Animation, Texture Mapping and Post Processing Effect systems.

    -Implemented advanced artificial intelligence algorithms such as Bayesian network, adaptive a* and neural network for problem-solving.

    -Actualized custom event links and assets optimization in large scale C++ based engine.


    -System Design and Optimization with large code base under a professional environment.

    -Archituring as well as implementing complex logic for the combat system, game modes, puzzles, non-trivial audio processing and networking model for various games and projects.


    -Writing highly efficient testing script for networking flow monitoring as well as scripting for basic TCP and UDP network socket models with non-trivial client and server processes.

    -Creating graphical user interfaces with Tkinter library for the actualization of the backend logic.


    -Writing and optimizing shaders and graphics performance, texture flattening.

    -Highly proficient in most aspect of the engine and built high-level systems such as weapons, character controls, and game flows

    -Capable of writing alternative scripts in place of the vanilla implementation such as collision, physics, and math library.

  • Get in touch

    Santa Monica, Los Angeles